Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Fever......

Most of my Christmas sewing has been secret stuff!!!!  
..... but I can show you this one I made for me.....

This is from a pattern in Handmade (sorry I tore the pages out so I don't know which issue) but the designer is our very own Michelle from Rag-Tag Stitchin' ....  the heart is about 8" tall and has some holly at the top and a tinkle bell on the bottom and I love the feather stitch detail.... 

I also made a bunch of mini Santa decorations....

These are little and relatively easy but fiddly and took longer than I thought to make ... foundation piecing for the main piece... the pattern was found HERE.. and there are heaps of fantastic Cross Stitch and other patterns on her site HERE - also links to load of sites - I wish I had looked there earlier

Thanks to both Allie and Narelle for the motivation and lots of inspiration to get things done
I feel I have done lots... but I still don't feel ready for Christmas .... EEEEEEK

need some Christmassy inspiration - have a look HERE where Narelle has a page of things people have made

............ and now how about a gift for you? .................

I did love making my Doggy Quilt shown HERE.......

The pattern was from Australian Homespun and designed by Toni Alexander... she has had a few patterns in the Homespun and I have one on the todolist for next year......

Anyway... Toni has a lovely blog too over HERE... and she kindly sent me some patterns to offer as a giveaway.....

.... aren't these just awesome? .........

These make up into good size quilts and I can guarantee they are fun to make.....

So ... if you would like to go in to win one of these... just let me know via a comment on this post which you prefer (or either) and I will chat to Mr Random for 4 names in a couple of weeks ..... 

Toni has set no conditions for this giveaway - but I would really love you to visit her blog... and have a look at what she has in her shop ... drop in and say Hi, you can sign up for her FREE 2012 newsletter and get inspiration from a lovely (relatively) new Ausi designer.....  you will not be disappointed...

Thanks Toni for the patterns... love, love, love them


  1. Lovely new decorations, love the mini santas they are so cute...
    I just loved your Doggy generous of Toni to sponsor a giveaway on your blog, thanks to you both...(oh Puppy Love, definitely Puppy Love is my fav of the two)...

  2. Your decorations are lovely. I should say I like the dog pattern best but actually I like them both...not sure the dogs would though ROFL. I have signed up for the Newsletter. Hugs x

  3. Those are theeee cutest! Santas...!

    annie m.

  4. Those santas are so so so cute. Thanks for the chance one of the patterns. They are all so cute

  5. Your heart looks gorgeous Fiona and those santa's are cute as a button.
    I love both of those patterns and wouldn't mind either, I know Maisie would probable say 'pick the catnip'.

  6. I love Toni's patterns. I don't mind either pattern so if I win I am happy to take one after the others have their choice.

  7. Love the decorations. As soon as i saw the Santas i thought "oh i want to make those" :) They are so cute. If i win i'd have to take puppy love as i already have catnip. Hugs,

  8. I am very impressed with all your Christmas sewing. The heart and Santas look very festive!
    I agree - Toni's patterns are great.

  9. Love your decorations , that heart is so sweet , Michelle is so talented . I have the pattern for that Santa and a little kit to make it up but just never got around to doing it. Love both patterns but if I had to choose it would be the dogs . Thanks for the chance,
    hugs Sheila

  10. Oh how generous of the two of you! THANKS! I would dearly love to win the doggies pattern... so I've got my fingers crossed.. toes too... so please add my name! :)
    I'm off to visit Toni....

  11. Lovely Heart Fiona and that circle of Santas is just so adorable!
    Thankyou for your company and sharing each month :o)

    I really like both patterns but I would have to choose Catnip first...thankyou both.

  12. What a cute little heart, I love the feather stitching around the edge! And those Santas are too adorable. I'll be doing my linky post later, I just realized it's the 26th here, better get a move on! And don't fret Fiona, I don't feel ready for Christmas either. Maybe I should get out all the gifts I have stashed, if I can remember where I put them. *G*

    Darling little quilts - but don't enter me! I'm going to head over to the links and check them out. Thanks doll!

  13. Love those mini Santa decorations. I love using them to add to my wrapped presents. I am going to go over to the pattern site now. Thanks for the info..

  14. Fiona, you have been so busy... I just love those little santas, and will have to go and look up their site.. I have Michelle's heart bookmarked in my 'Christmas' pile of magazines!!
    Toni is such a talented designer, I absolutely love her dolls..

  15. Cute Santa decos! I've managed to wimp out of paper piecing so far but I see many nice things I'd like to make that involve this and to start with something small like the Santas may be the way to go. I'll put it on the list for next Chrissy!
    I have the mag with Catnip in it but I'd love to be put in the draw for Puppy Love.
    I've been one of Toni's followers for a while now.
    Thanks Fee and Toni for offering this giveaway :).

  16. hi Fiona i love you sewing projects well done on some lovely finishes

  17. Your Santa's are wonderful! And thanks for the link- a great place for inspiration and ideas. The puppy dog pattern would be my preference should I be randomly number generated!

  18. Hello Fiona,

    Your Christmas decorations including those Santa's are great. Toni makes beautiful patterns. Have a wonderful weekend.
    happy days.

  19. Bubz you have been one busy girl love the Santas.....just love the puppy pattern...

  20. Gorgeous sewing. I would love to enter your giveaway and would love to win the doggy pattern.

  21. Hey Fiona! Love, love, love your little Christmas Santa ornaments...too stinkin' cute! And the one you made for yourself is very sweet, too!

    I would love to be entered in your give away for one of those adorable patterns. And you know me...since I have both cats and a dog, either one would be fine! Thanks so much for the chance, and I'm off to check out Toni's blog!



    P.S. I'll be writing you a note this week. Sorry I'm so behind!

  22. Hi Fiona
    LOVE !!! the little Santa. Toni's patterns are just divine.
    It will have to be CatNip for me if I am one of the lucky four, as I already have Puppy Love
    Hugs Tanya

  23. Super Santas I've been lost over at those pattern sites and Toni's blog for a fair bit of the afternoon. I'd love to try Catnip. Thanks for the chance :)

  24. mind is going a mile a minute with this post...thanks for the links (and more things I want to do)...HA!!

  25. Wow,Great reading your posts all the way 10 days back!!! So glad to see your BG,mine are hidden for the time being.
    Love your SKoW, great fabrics you`re using. Your small Santas looks great. Have a lovely Advent time:-)

  26. What adorable tiny santas!! Your post is a wealth of info. I am going to have to spend a while clicking through, thank you!

  27. Your little Santa ornaments are gorgeous Fiona. Glad you like the heart. Toni is very talented.

  28. Love your little Santas! And Toni's patterns are very cute.

  29. My, you have been busy...I love the heart and thanks for the links.
    Mama Bear

  30. I love those Santas! I did them (or similar ones) a while back when I was in my paper piecing phase - I tucked them in Christmas cards as a little gift :D

  31. ohhh i love the Santa's....they are gorgeous
    love your snowflakes too, you have been a busy gal

  32. They are both very cute but I think I would prefer the pussy cat one if I had to chooose... Hugs - Fee X

  33. Love those Santas. How cute are those patterns-I'm a 'cat person' so would love to win that pattern. Thanks for the opportunity.

  34. Oh don't know how I missed this post with the gorgeous Santa's and a giveaway.
    I would like the Doggy one as I am already making Catnip. Thank you.

  35. Love the cat pattern, I have a weakness for cat quilts.....have a couple of cats too......they are both fun patterns, aren't they!

  36. Thank you both for the chance to win a lovely pattern, I would love to make a cat quilt for my kitty.

  37. Wow both patterns are just so cute. I would LOVE the dog pattern as I have two very cute dogs....

    I LOVE and follow Toni blog...


  38. First of all, I LOVE your header picture. Those stockings are just gorgeous!! The patterns are sweet. I love them both, but being a cat person, I'd choose the cats.

  39. Cat pattern - yippeee! Visited Toni & signed up for the newsletter & liked her on Facebook so won't miss any posts. Thanks for the referral Fi. Tracee xx

  40. Love the santa ornaments. I looked at the pattern and it looked like they just used plain white fabric, yours almost looks like felt. It looks puffier not so flat, which i like. What did you use?

  41. Can you email me with a response? Thanks


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